“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

I stumbled across this quote by Bil Keane quite by accident, but it resonated with me, probably because of the very strange times we are living in. For some reason it gave me comfort.

During lockdown I believe it is very much a case of live in the moment, take control of each day and make them count, especially as one day seems to fade into another. A sense of discipline to some extent is required, setting objectives, things you want to achieve each day. Yes, a list of things to do…. sound familiar, I think so. Just as in our working lives we have our lists, during this period we must try and remain active, set ourselves challenges. If we are working from home, its ensuring that the job is done, but also making sure you are taking breaks, exercising and maybe just taking a little time to reflect and realise our past is the building of our foundations. Today we are building on them and tomorrow, well that’s tomorrow, the future. We can take a little peek and decide how we want it to look and start the planning stage. We can invest  time now drawing  up plans for how you want the future to look, learning from the past but always with a firm gaze on the horizon, no obstacles in your way, just challenges that we now know we can overcome.

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