The “Summer Months”

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As we head into the “Summer months” it is amazing the number of people who believe that the world stops turning during these months, that recruitment stops, and no one is interviewing or filling Executive job opportunities.

Let me explain, it’s a myth! Executive recruitment continues and as we know Executive recruitment takes time – there are stages and processes, usually commencing with compiling a long list, then preparing the short list and then first interviews. Followed by second interviews, and 3rd or 4th interviews in some cases, the interview cycle can continue, and we have on the rare occasion known up to 10 interviews before an offer has been made.

Excessive I know, but clearly demonstrates that if there is an Executive recruitment requirement, no one is going to prolong the process by slowing down or even stopping the recruitment cycle during the summer months.

Executives hold important positions within organisations and usually hold business critical positions effecting the top and bottom line. Executive vacancies are never held open for long periods of time therefore the recruitment cycle never stops.

In fact, the summer months have been some of our most successful months over the last 6 years, with most of our clients attending interviews during this period resulting in substantial job offers.

That’s why the time is always right to move ahead with your plans and objectives. For your complimentary consultation to discuss how we can help you meet those objectives, email with your availability. We look forward to hearing from you.