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Self-esteem: confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect

Once again, I was reminded how much self-esteem factors in our careers and their success.

One of my clients discussed with me his plans to transition into retirement by developing a non-executive portfolio. He said in that way, when the time came, he would still be valued.

This was a very self-aware gentleman, who understood that retirement wasn’t for him and was already, well in advance, making plans.

Another client requested some coaching as he was feeling undervalued in his current role – constantly taking on more responsibility and ever larger more complex projects, but not getting any reward either in terms of recognition or compensation.

In both cases, the Executives recognised the challenge and realised they needed help, so the important first obstacles were overcome, recognising there is a challenge and seeking help to fix it.

Coaching is required for both scenarios and, still in the present business world, not given the respect and understanding the value that it brings.

In both cases it is about the individual recognising their achievements and understanding their value and effect they have had to the companies they have or are working for. So often in our busy Executive lives we “do the job” and that takes all our effort, never stopping to recognise the successes and value / effect on the top or bottom line.

We should all stop and take a breath – review the week, recognise the successes, evaluate what they mean for us as individuals and what they mean for our employers. What was learnt – the good, the bad and the ugly – they are all learning curves. Keep a reflection log – it will keep you focussed and enable you to prepare for your review meetings. But most importantly, it will build your self-esteem – if you understand your achievements and value, it is much easier to communicate them to others.

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