It would appear the world has pressed the reset button

“It’s incredibly important at every point in your life to be open to the idea of change and the idea of reinvention – even if you don’t do it, just to think it is quite a comfort” – Mariella Frostrup.

It would appear the world has pressed the reset button and we are now living in a brave new world. We are being given the opportunity to evaluate what is important – family, children, friends, health, careers/jobs, happiness etc…

Whilst not being able to be with our loved ones, we are able to stay connected via digital media – a huge bonus and certainly helps with our mental health. During the lockdown, we can exercise, enjoy the nature that surrounds us, noticing the small things that we have so often missed, because life was too busy, always rushing around, meeting deadlines, our lives governed by the clock. The air is cleaner, the rivers and canals clearer, for some strange reason even the grass looks greener.

Realising that what we regarded as essentials, aren’t. That, in the main, we do have enough food, that it’s not necessary to buy that new tie, shoes, new dress, handbag or latest gizmo. We can enjoy our own company, catch up on books/films that we have always promised ourselves we would.

Looking out for each other, especially the elderly and vulnerable, connecting with our neighbours that, pre Covid-19, we might have only seen to wave to in passing. The unity that we are experiencing, illustrated by the Clapping To Support the NHS last Thursday, and the large numbers of volunteers offering help in whatever capacity.

Careers will change, working from home could and probably will be the new norm, take this time to reflect.

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The world is changing for the better. We will all come out of this stronger and more united. Keep safe and well.