The Cavendish Hepburn Team wish you a happy and successful 2019.

Courageous: Not deterred by danger or pain; brave. (As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary)

In November 2018 my 93-year-old Mother sadly passed away, she had experienced a hard life, living through the second world war and post war challenges, she had seen the world change in so many ways, seemingly moving faster and faster with the advent of technology etc.

She was a fighter, never more so than in her twilight years, each moment meant more and more to her, each challenge she faced she met head on and refused to give in to failing health no matter how much pain she was in.

At her funeral my brother composed and read a beautiful eulogy, in it he used an analogy of a recent job interview he had attended where he was asked to describe himself in three words, (a practise I had believed had gone out of fashion some time ago). However, he used it in his eulogy to describe our Mother, he used the words; Determined, Courageous and Competitive, all extremely accurate. However, it got me thinking about traits which are common and essential to a good Leader, determined and competitive for sure, but courageous seemed like an anomaly, how many leaders are truly courageous and what does that look like in the Business World?