Many years ago, when times were tough for me on a personal level, my late Mum gave me a poem which I recently rediscovered. Unfortunately, I do not know who it is credited to, but I feel it is very apt for these times and wanted to share it with you. It gave me great comfort then and now. Read More DON’T GIVE UP

Week 2 of Lock Down – time to press the reset button on our lives.

First, a big thank you to our front-line workers and all those who are supporting them.

Having spent a great deal of time on the phone and video conferencing this week with a number of our Clients, potential Clients and Colleagues, what is obvious is there are those who are feeling positive about the future and can see opportunities and there are those who only see despair.

This brave new world we will enter after the lock down will be different, the challenges perhaps greater, but there is every reason to be optimistic.  We should, as always, embrace change, accept the challenge and make it work.   Leaders I have spoken to are spending this time looking at new strategies to move their businesses forward, revaluating their teams. adapting to what the future looks like, all of which will bring choices and opportunities.

In the words of Mariella Frostrup There are two ways of approaching your time on this planet: one is to sit around waiting for something to happen that will make sense of your existence, and the other is to get out there and find purpose for yourself.”

Words are easily spoken but it is the deeds that are important.

This is a time to revisit our values, our careers, our relationships, our lives. We can press the reset button on our lives as much as the reset button has been pressed on the world, now is the time to do it.

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It would appear the world has pressed the reset button

“It’s incredibly important at every point in your life to be open to the idea of change and the idea of reinvention – even if you don’t do it, just to think it is quite a comfort” – Mariella Frostrup.

It would appear the world has pressed the reset button and we are now living in a brave new world. We are being given the opportunity to evaluate what is important – family, children, friends, health, careers/jobs, happiness etc… Read More It would appear the world has pressed the reset button