Business as normal, just conducted in a slightly different way.

This is, for sure, a very challenging time – the fear of the unknown becoming pervasive. Instructions & advice given by WHO and our Government, telling us to work from home where possible and avoid crowds. All of which make perfect sense.

But rather like the uncertainty of Brexit, life and business continues. We must find the way to adapt and keep going. How lucky we are that we have the internet, that we can always communicate and remain in contact wherever we are in the world?

This is a time to be strong, demonstrate that we can adapt and be agile. If our grandparents and great grandparents functioned effectively during both World Wars, then all of us surely can “keep calm and carry on.”

Cavendish Hepburn have taken the advice given – we are all working remotely, conducting Free Executive Career Consultations and Coaching, liaising with our networks by phone, video and email. Working with our Clients to continue delivering our service. The world hasn’t stopped turning, we must be resilient.

Executives, Directors and Staff are needed more than ever to safely navigate this crisis.

For your Free Executive Career Consultation, Free CV Review or Free Coaching session please contact together with your availability.

We are adopting the motto “Keep Calm, Carry On & Stay Safe!”